World Peace Cookies

I’m rather dilettante about cooking lately – it really seems to be touch and go for me, as we’ve been fighting what seems to be a season of sickness. Just as soon as I start to feel well, my little guy gets sick again. Then he gets better, and my husband gets sick. Then I get sick. A never ending cycle that makes me look forward to spring with a desire so great that I’m willing to completely skip through until the end of April when I can fling my windows open wide, scrub, sweep, and scour my home with a vengeance never before displayed during a spring cleaning.

A bit dramatic, no?

Well…truth be told, I love winter. Just not this year, with the blindingly long cold spell we’ve had here in Wisconsin, the constant sickness, and honestly, a touch of cabin fever. To say that I want to skip the rest of winter and go straight to our mud season is a good indicator of the fact that we’re just DONE with winter in our house. Even my birthday passed without much fanfare – I made two cakes for my birthday celebrations with family, but they were the same cake. And they were good. Summery, coconutty, and good. If you want to check out the recipe I used, go here. The only change I made was that instead of the nuts and lemon zest, I added the same measure of coconut to the batter, and topped my cake with coconut. It was DIVINE. And sorry, no pictures. I really honestly meant to take one. But, with a cake with that kind of a nutrition count, it didn’t last long in our house…. 😉 But the summery taste of the coconut only exacerbated my cabin fever! UGH!

As far as the World Peace Cookies, I’ll have to come add a picture later. The first batch is baking right now, and I’m fairly confident they’ll turn out great. Or, at least what was left to bake…sable batter is my FAVORITE kind of batter to eat raw. No eggs to worry over! My only change was that I used regular ol’ table salt. I know Dorie…I really need fleur de sel. But I live in BFE, and barring ordering from the kind folks at King Arthur Flour (which would also involve PLANNING AHEAD), you just can’t find that stuff here. I’m lucky that my local grocer sells kosher salt. Half the time, if I ask for an exotic ingredient, I get a befuddled look and I just think to myself, “Yep…they think I’m insane again. Great.”

I PROMISE I won’t eat too many cookies tonight before I take a picture. I think World Peace Cookies, along with a nice glass of red wine and some snugglin’ with the hubby is in order. After all, the temperature is supposed to be -15….a girl has to stay warm somehow! 😉


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