Tuesdays with Dorie and why I didn’t make the Berry Cake this week…

My birthday is tomorrow (the 21st), so I feel that it is my right as the Birthday girl to make a cake I actually want to eat! 😉 Berries are WAAAAAY out of season here in Wisconsin, and I really do not want to use frozen berries. So I’ll make something else and offer up a photo if I remember to take one before I gobble everything up. 😉

I do need to let ya’ll know a few things about the last two recipes we’ve made here for Tuesdays with Dorie…

The pear tart was RIDICULOUSLY good. All that butter, well…it made the darn thing so divine it didn’t last more than 2 days here. I used canned cinnamon pears (I thought I grabbed the regular ones, but I wasn’t wearing my glasses at the time), and sliced almonds instead of blanched (because I live in a small town and the grocery store closes early). It was DELIGHTFUL! I can’t wait to make this with fresh berries this summer. My only complaint is that I hate my tart pan.

The cornbread, on the other hand, was not a hit with my husband. He’s a cornbread connisseur, if you will. He was horrified at the thought of “..adding all that craziness to the cornbread! What’s wrong with the regular recipe you use!?” Sorry honey…I HAD to try it. I liked them. I think they’d be tasty with a nice hot pot of chili. But instead, they turned into stuffing here – plumped up chicken breasts slathered with some barbeque sauce, topped with pepperjack cheese and bacon. Yum! Sorry Dorie, but my picky husband won out – back to King Arthur Flour’s recipe I go!

I finally got a new digital camera too. And if I could remember to take a picture before I eat everything, and also figure out the darn thing, I’ll be in business! 🙂


One response to “Tuesdays with Dorie and why I didn’t make the Berry Cake this week…

  1. Happy birthday! See you next week!!!

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