I’m such a slacker….

Many many apologies to those of you who come here from TWD and the other blogs I frequent looking for my Tuesdays with Dorie baking adventures, the recipe I used to make my pear bundt cake, and other ramblings from Andrea.

Kind of quiet here, huh? If you knew me in real life, you’d know something was up.

Shortly after our visit with friends a few weekends ago, I got a cold. That’s no fun, right? Well, I’m also still nursing my 15 month old son. So it REALLY was no fun, I couldn’t even take a Sudafed for my sinuses that were ready to explode. And then, to make things even MORE fun, my son got sick. While my husband was 7+ hours away, playing the mighty hunter in the Northwoods of Wisconsin during Opening Gun Season.

Yep. I was on my own. Sick, with a sick child, and no time. No sleep either – apparently, my son shares his mother’s love of having a stuffy nose. My once affable, charming, lovable little man turned into this creature that I can only begin to describe as being whiny enough, annoying enough, and pathetic enough that I seriously contemplated dropping him off at Grandma’s for the day. And never going back to get him. 😉 Gosh…I felt so bad for the poor little guy.

And to make things even more exciting? Since I wasn’t getting any sleep (taking care of myself is what my husband called it), I got even sicker.

How sick you ask?

I got a nice, whopping case of walking pnuemonia. I finally was able to get to urgent care, get some antibiotics, a round of prednisone that I think I will be taking until I’m 30 (I’m 3 years away from that yet!), and cough syrup with codiene in it. I can breathe a little easier, finally, and I can also sleep at night.

Being this sick, well, I wasn’t really keen on baking much of anything. I DID make the Arborio Rice pudding, to which my Japanese-Scottish husband looked right at me and said, “I never understood why white people INSIST on making rice into PUDDING! What is wrong with you all?” I just sat and smacked my lips, enjoying the fact that I didn’t have to SHARE! *does a happy jig* I’m going to try the chocolate version next – the vanilla version was out of this world. It actually took my Mom’s breath away…she loves rice pudding that much. DIVINE!

Either way, I’m back, I have 25 pounds of flour in my freezer downstairs waiting to be used! I have a paper due tomorrow night by midnight, and another due on Monday, plus an internship interview on Friday afternoon. Then we’re heading out of town for my Mother in Law’s retirement party for Friday night…busy weekend, but I’ll be back, baking, enjoying my boys, listening to Christmas music, and NOT hacking my lungs out.


One response to “I’m such a slacker….

  1. Goodness…sounds like NOT a fun time.

    Try the chocolate arborio rice pudding…it’s great!

    Happy 2009!

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