Baking disasters and such

So this past week for Tuesdays with Dorie, I was supposed to make a Kugelhopf. My guess was, I was supposed to make it look like the pretty round cake in the cookbook. I’d love to tell you that it rose beautifully, tasted delightful, and had my husband who doesn’t quite understand why I like to cook and bake so much (um, we need to eat. The food does not make itself) rave about it and have multiple pieces. I’d LOVE to be able to say all that, but…

Yeah, not so much. Kugelhopf is possibly now the one recipe I NEVER EVER want to make again. I don’t know if my first problem was that I don’t have a Turk’s Turban pan, or what. It was just a horrid experience all around. And not to mention, I literally wasted near 5 pounds of flour in 3 separate attempts to get the booger to rise properly. I think the “slapping it down” part was what ruined this experience for me. Never, ever again. Even my grandpa, who was a baker for 50 years, was shocked I was attempting this.

So, I really did try to get a beautiful picture for this past Tuesday for Tuesdays with Dorie. But it just didn’t work.

Other than that, life is good. We’re having friends over today for soup, homemade bread, salad, and pear crisp/tart. Haven’t decided yet what I’m going to make for dessert. I’ll post a recipe and pics later for those that might be interested.


2 responses to “Baking disasters and such

  1. Sorry it didn’t work out for you, but you certainly get the gold star for all of your efforts! I skipped it completely and just made some shortbread cookies instead!

  2. Ha! I should have made shortbread cookies. I was looking at the recipe going…”I don’t even think I’ll LIKE this….”

    Hindsight is 20/20. Or 5 pounds of flour. 😉

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