That was a stressful September!

With October 1st looming before me (okay, it is halfway over already!)…I thought I’d recap my September.

Grad classes started again. I’m taking a YA lit course with Mary Wepking over at UWM. She’s possibly one of the coolest profs I’ve had yet. I’m constantly anticipating discussions, book selections for the week, and even assignments. The only thing that keeps me on edge is whether my local library will have it together enough to get my books that I requested before the week is out.

We moved into the condo. ‘Nuff said. I made the first mortgage payment too early, leaving us with $192 bucks until my husband got paid. Good thing we didn’t have any other bills left in the month. And even better that he got paid, and we’ve got plenty o’cash in the ol’ coffer now.

Brewers baseball…slumping…Nedley gets fired. I never wish to celebrate someone else’s misfortune, but Dale Sveum was the obvious pick, and an obviously good pick. The last time the Brewers made the playoffs, I was about 8 months old (you do the math).  Cold beers, brats, and a party are in order, I think, to watch the game.  This is just further proof that the evil empire of the Yanks doesn’t mean that big market teams are the only teams to get to the playoffs. Hello, Milwaukee! I’ll be cheering them on later this afternoon while the banana bread is baking.

Moving. Did I mention that? Oh, I did? Well, I’m not doing THAT again for a long long time. Really long.

That’s it for now…have to go make my grocery list up for shopping later after the game. I know that the Hubs is going to want a cold one for the game replay later. (And I have to hide the remotes. He has a propensity of throwing them when things don’t go his way on the field. Don’tcha just LOVE armchair pitchers/umps? Ha!


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