Things I think are just plum stupid today…

Can you tell, I’m in a crabby mood? I feel the need to rant just a bit.

Either way, in no particular order, here are the things I think are just ludicrous, after watching CNN today:

John McCain and his ‘town hall meetings.’ Seriously dude…you aren’t pulling the wool over our eyes. Just because I live in the Midwest, in a small town that tends to be more ‘red’ than ‘blue’, doesn’t mean I buy what you’re saying. You’re only saying what you need to to get the swing states to vote for you. We’re not stupid. We know what you’re saying. Drilling offshore is a bad idea – our environment is in a bad enough state. Why would you exacerbate it? And just because you were tortured during the war is not impetus enough for me to vote for you. There, I said it. And before I get flamed for non-support of our troops, I have a brother serving over in Iraq. Yes, I’m thankful he’s doing what I won’t do. I support him. I don’t support the war, and really, I don’t support anyone who wants 100 years of war if that is what it takes. I’m a mommy of a little guy, and you know what, John McCain? You can’t have him (to quote the ad).  You wanna focus on issues, Mr. McCain? Focus on feeding needy families, saving their homes, helping our elderly (which, *ahem*, you are one of). Why should I have to feel bad when I can only afford to donate $50 to Love Inc this year for Thanksgiving meals for families when the government should be stepping in?! Dude, I’m just really mad about the state of affairs in our country right now.

The new ‘bill’ that is going through the drafting process under the Department of Health and Human services sponsored by the Federal government: it would consider birth control pills and IUDs, amongst other forms of birth control, abortive aids. Since when did PREVENTION equal abortion? It would be one thing to already be pregnant and take the abortion pill or have an abortion, but to lump IUD/Pill/hormonal birth control users in the same darned category as those who choose to have abortions is just ignorant. Plain stupid. And I’m pro-life!

Doug Philips’ stance on abortion to save the life of a mother in the case of ectopic pregnancy. There’s no nice, edifying, or polite way of saying this: dude, you are a freakin’ moron. An absolute idiot, who has NO CLUE about real life. I’m waiting to see what happens when one of your followers has an ectopic pregnancy, and because of YOUR ruling on this, a life is lost because of YOUR ignorance. Her death will be on your soul, at that point. See the article about this here.

Russia invading Georgia. Great Olympic spirit, guys!

*shakes head* I’m out for now.


2 responses to “Things I think are just plum stupid today…

  1. Dough Phillips, HA!

    Woman, don’t you know one testicle is worth more than a thousand women?

  2. Debra –

    Ah yes…I forget. In the dominion mandate hierarchy, it is man – animal – women….

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