Autism is a fraud!?

Well…normally I wouldn’t fling such an accusation out into the Web, but…the uber-Conservatives have struck again! If it isn’t spouting their garbage about dominion mandated gender roles, patriarchy, or their issues with modern health care, it is this…”>

As a relative to someone who is autistic, I’m absolutely shocked that someone can be so ignorant and filled with vitriol over a medical condition that IS legitimate, and growing in diagnoses every year. To throw the accusation at parents of autistic kids that they’re that way because Dad isn’t in the picture, that they’re immature and need to ‘…stop being a putz,’ etc, well, Mr. Savage, to quote Family Guy…”Dog, that’s just ignorant.”

While I truly believe in the right to free speech, this guy is out of control! Sure, his right to free speech is protected, and as well it should be, but common courtesy should also be considered. Now, if I had my own radio show that allowed me to talk about, say, how I truly feel about John McCain, I’d be ripped off the airwaves so quickly it wouldn’t be funny. What I’d have to say about him would be an affront to veterans, it would offend anyone who’s served in the military, and it would probably offend anyone who supports McCain. But I don’t make my opinions public because I know that they are my personal thoughts only, and that they would be inappropriate to share with the general population at large.

Dude…Mr. Savage…you should do the same.


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