And I thought I was the only one…

I’ve heard about the Botkin girls and their movie, “Return of the Daughters”, as well as Stacy MacDonald’s joke of a theology book about “Raising Virtuous Maidens” (seriously…I don’t know a single unmarried woman who refers to herself as a ‘maiden’ anymore. But that’s beside the point….

I recently discovered, through linking and such, a blog called Whitewashed Feminist. One would THINK that it is, indeed, a feminist site. But if by feminist, you mean a thinks-for-herself, doesn’t-buy-dominion-mandate, can’t-find-a-Scriptural-basis-for-the-Neopatriarchal-movement, then yep…they’re feminists over there. All brevity aside, the ladies who post over at WWF are intellegent, well schooled, faithful Christians. Many of them remind me of friends I had when I was in college and involved in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. I especially appreciated this post:

What is occurring now in the VF circles and their like is nothing more than spiritual abuse, and I appreciate Godly women such as those at WWF who are willing to stand strong, and be loud and proud about womens’ rights. You rock, ladies!


One response to “And I thought I was the only one…

  1. Nice to “meet” you. I enjoyed your blog, I agree with the looming danger of the Christian patrists.

    Come visit my blog (nothing earth shattering,)

    I put you in my favorites.

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