In Which I Realize I’m a Huge Dork

My husband came running last night at my scream of “Oh honey, come look!”

As he read the two sentence email, he raised his eyebrows at me and just muttered, “And why exactly are you screaming for me to come running just to look at an email?”

I had to explain to him that none other than Jon Katz, THE Jon Katz of A Dog Year, as well as other ‘dog’ books, and the owner of Bedlam Farm, had emailed me back in response to an email I had sent earlier.

Yes. I’m a huge dork. Katz is coming to Milwaukee this fall for a book signing at Harry Schwartz. My parents own three dogs: one Border Collie, one Border Collie-Lab mix, and one Black Lab. A veritable pack, if you will. My dad and I LOVE Katz’s writing; he doesn’t sugarcoat things. He merely observes and states as it is – he isn’t the type of dog owner who bathes his dogs every week, buys them designer food, and LL Bean dog beds. He runs them, they work at herding, and they eat grass. They’re honest-to-goodness working dogs, and his memoirs, as well as his photo-blogging, continue to astound my father and I.

I still haven’t told dear old Dad that I harbor secret fantasies of moving to Pennsylvania, buying some sheep, goats, and a few cows in order to start a hobby farm. Still haven’t told him that I’d be begging him and Mom to move along with us.

Some folks get excited over movie stars. Tom Cruise, you can keep your fame. I think Jon Katz is far cooler.

And for those who want to follow his site, or just look at the glorious pictures he takes, he’s at Bedlam Farm. Purchases of his photography go to fund the Hospice system he (and Izzy and Lenore) is a part of in upstate New York.

Yep. I’m a dork. A HUGE one. 😉


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