Spring and groceries

Rising food costs seem to be on everyone’s minds lately, it seems. Even my best friend, who swears that Walmart is in fact, the devil on Earth, has taken to shopping at Sam’s Club and Walmart because she’s feeling the pinch, and can no longer afford to live solely on principle. 😉 I went grocery shopping this past weekend, and all told, I spent little compared to my mother – only $35. But this is keeping in mind that my freezer is FULL, my pantry is stocked, and I’m pretty well set should a nuclear winter occur.

All brevity aside, I realize that I am out of two things – bottled water, and coffee. Sure, bottled water isn’t the most frugal purchase I can make – it is downright expensive and somewhat wasteful, if you ask me. But our water here is a cross between well water and, well, I don’t know what. Water straight out of the tap tastes terrible, even with an iron curtain and water softener. I have a Pur water pitcher for at home, but the Mister likes his bottled water for work. He says that he is pretty certain his place of employment uses neither a water softener nor an iron curtain. YUCK! And knowing my frugal nature, he tells me he’d rather bring a bottle or two from home every day than buy one in the machine. (So you were paying attention when I was ranting and raving about how g-danged expensive buying a bag of chips and a soda once a week can be!! Amazing!) I guess I’ll have to hit up CVS or Aldi for bottled water – I haven’t really looked at the ads this week, but I know SOMEONE has H2O on sale for around 2.88 a case.

The other thing we’re getting close to being out of is coffee. Now, I know that in the laws of frugality, drinking coffee every day is a huge no-no. I know ladies and gentlemen out there who reserve it only for special occasions. I respect that. However, I can’t, don’t, and won’t. 😉 I NEED my morning java fix – having a 9 1/2 month old at home makes me rather dependent on it. Sure, I only have one cup a day, maybe 2 if I’m fancying a cup at night and have some decaf in the house, but I NEED that coffee. My mother in law works for Oscar Mayer/Kraft, so I do get a wicked discount on Starbucks coffee if I want it (around $5 a bag….), but I really have come to prefer Boca Java coffee over any other in the past year. They’ve got some really nifty flavors, and some wonderful roasts.

What brings me back, again and again, is their service. Call their customer service – go ahead! Ask them questions about their coffee, what they suggest, how to brew, and you’ll be on the phone with one of the NICEST people you’ll ever talk to. Honest. I cannot get over how nice every single person at Boca Java is – I’ve talked to more than my fair share, and they’re all so helpful, kind, and polite. What is the icing on our proverbial, coffee flavored cake is this…..your coffee beans are roasted to order. They’re FRESH! Not stale and who-knows-how-long-this-has-been-on-the-shelf fresh….they roast your beans, and ship them. It is ridiculous how good their coffee is. Honest. And finally, having a family member who is getting deployed come October to go fight, it makes me feel kind of warm and fuzzy that not only do they run a program called “Coffee for the Troops” (Have you ever had coffee from a mess hall – GROSS!) that ships coffee, tea, coffee makers, grinders and more, they also have a “Brew of Bravery”, which is wicked good. And both go to support the troops – you may not agree with war, but you have to support your men and women in the armed forces.

Seriously, there are few things in the world I pay full price for – makeup is one of them, and coffee is the other. You get the quality you pay for.

Go ahead, give Boca Java a try…they’re awesome!

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