Kitchen Tip Tuesday

After reading Tammy’s recommendation on Kitchen Tip Tuesday about knowing how long it takes for your oven to preheat so you don’t waste energy, I thought of something my dad taught me about using the oven when I was growing up. Now, we live in Wisconsin, so one item of note when it comes to using the oven during the warm months is that, well, the oven isn’t used. When the mercury is rising, the last thing you want to do is heat up an already warm home – even if you have the air conditioning cranked, as I do once the temperature is consistently above 80. I’m not so frugal/cheap that I sweat all day in the name of saving cash. That’s what my budget billing from the electric company is for…..but I digress.

Once you’ve preheated your oven, used it, and all that jazz, turn it off and crack the oven door to let the extra heat escape. If you have a little, obviously you’re going to need to either just not do this or teach them to stay away from the hot oven. But if you’re able to do this, you’d be amazed how it warms a home up!


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