Frugal Friday Time!

Well…I have been wracking my brains trying to think up something that someone else hasn’t already suggested.

What I came up with was one of those epiphanies that only come along once in a blue moon (or Leap Year, apparently!). My DH and I enjoy the occasional bottle of wine or a bottle of beer from time to time. For those of you out there who aren’t opposed to imbibing in moderation, here’s a suggestion…

Buy the wine that is not only on sale, but with a hang tag around its neck for dollars off meat, poultry, fish, cheese, a rotisserie chicken, a party platter, etc. I had to run out and buy a few bottles of our favorite merlot and cabernet sauvignon a few weeks ago, and while I was considering buying that brand, another brand was on sale with the hang tags. So, duh, instead of buying the brand I normally buy, I tried a new brand….and got a free pack of chicken breasts (they were on sale!), an almost free pork roast, and some chuck tender steaks for free.

Usually, these coupons are $2-3 off, but I have seen $1.50 off eggs (they’re $1.88 here in Wisconsin), $3 off cheese or deli meats, or $5 off a party platter.

I’ve also seen from Miller lately dollar amounts off on bottles of wine, and other snacky type foods…Fetzer was the wine that was on the latest Miller coupon for $2 off a bottle. I grabbed a bottle a while back because it was also on sale at my grocery store – I got a decent bottle of wine to enjoy and cook with for only $3.97 after all the sales and coupons. I figure, if I am going to use some of my grocery budget on wine occasionally, I might as well do it the smart way!!!


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