Has it really been that long?

I do believe that it has been quite some time (and I do mean *quite*) since I’ve blogged. I guess with life, and living life, I just was too busy to remember to type anything up!

It is getting to be fall here in the grand state of Wisconsin – my husband is already asking me about where we can buy him a new winter jacket (“one that keeps the wind out this year…that other one doesn’t cut it!”), and my thoughts have turned to fall foods, cooler weather, and enjoying life as a stay at home mom now. Yes, I’m still in grad school, and yes, I still do work a bit at our public library here in town (only 10 hours a week!), but for the most part, I’ve transitioned over to becoming a “Prairie Muffin.” Yes folks, there is a label for stay at home moms who are Christians….I think it is  kind of silly personally, but anything with food in the name is okay with me. 🙂

 Perusing the LLBean fall/winter catalog online makes me want to snap up as many turtlenecks, pairs of flannel lined jeans, and sweaters as possible. I have a love/hate relationship with this company…I LOVE their products, but I HATE the fact that I want want want after I look at their catalog. Same goes for Land’s End and Eddie Bauer – living very near a lake and out in the country makes the whole “lifestyle” that is featured in their catalogs seem very attainable.

Not that I want to wish the time away, but I am looking forward to winter. I say this every year, but really, I am. I love the holidays, I love the food, the atmosphere, the romantic glow of the season…I love it all.  What is even better is that DH and I have a little guy to share it with this holiday season; our new little boy, nicknamed Munch. Munchie has no idea what is in store for him this holiday season – he has so many relatives to meet!


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