Overpriced perfume, and a link!

So the frugal (read: cheap!) shopper in me decided “hey! Let’s go see if I can find my favorite perfume, Imagine Love by Bath and Body Works” tonight when I was kind of bored. Well…yes, I know it is discontinued. And yes, I know it is going to be pricier than it normally is. However, I did NOT expect to find 3.4 fl oz on Ebay for $120!! I mean, I bought a bottle back in 2003, and it was about $35 then. That is just SHAMEFUL. And to the people on Ebay who are over listing like that? I’m not THAT desperate! I’ll buy a Carthusia perfume or a Creed perfume before I’d cough up money like that for a fragrance that wasn’t originally that expensive. Ugh, am I mad! And disappointed… 😦

 As an aside, somehow, www.groceryguide.com linked to my website! How cool is that!? Now, I do not profess to be one of those women who get like, $400 worth of groceries for $35 bucks…but I do try and save whenever possible. Again, I just LOVE the groceryguide.com website. It is easy to use (even for a computer idiot like me!), and very timely. It includes the sale ads for the stores I shop at (www.grocerygame.com, while cool, just didn’t include stores that are close at all, which was a bummer), and helps me find coupons. Plus, you can print out a shopping list of what is on sale….now, I try and be as organized as possible, but that doesn’t happen very often, so it really helps! Thanks for the neat review, www.groceryguide.com! I really enjoy your site too! The biggest change I’m making this week, coupon-wise, is to start using another organization method for my coupons. I bought a binder and all the trappings, but I’m not so sure…anyone out there use this and love it?

 As an aside, I’m going to start trying to (operative word: TRYING…hehe.) post recipes with sale items in it weekly.  While I love my girl Rachael Ray, and all the other foodnetwork.com gurus, well, we can’t find a lot of the ingredients they use in the Midwest.  So I’m tweaking some of those really fun recipes for my little family’s tastes (okay, so its just me and the hubby….), and seeing how that turns out. Stay tuned!

Oh, and by the way…I was featured as a guest chef on Tammy’s blog. Go there anytime you’re looking for a tasty, inexpensive meal to fix. She knows how to find good recipes, minus all of the fuss!

Goal for Monday: wash floors, dust, and wipe down bathrooms.  Let’s see if this gets done!


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