Time for Frugal Friday again!

So, I just realized that it has been a WEEK since I’ve posted…with school starting, tons of working last weekend (worked 12.5 hours on Saturday at the restaurant), a bridal shower Sunday in Madison, and school again this week, not to mention TRYING to keep the  apartment clean, keep the hubby happy and fed, I just plum forgot to post! Okay…so I thought about it once…but I was way too tired to type a coherent sentence.

Anyway…carrying on!!  I had to wrack my brains for a tip this week…I mean, really think. And in listening to the radio in my car on the way home from my trip to the doctor in town, I heard a commercial for Boston Store. For those of you not in the Midwest, I believe Boston Store’s sister stores are Carson Pirie Scott, Bergners, and Dayton’s. Boston Store participates in a semi annual (it may be more!) donation/sale. For every item you donate, you get a coupon toward 20% off regular, sale, or clearance priced merchandise. Definitely a cool thing, and sometimes these coupons are good for a certain period of time (hello holiday gifts!). I tend to buy Christmas gifts when these sales occur; most of our family loves Boston Store, so it works out for me!

 My other tip also concerns shopping for beauty products…no, not your regular ol’ Dove bar… I mean makeup, fragrance, stuff to make you feel even prettier than the good Lord made you! I used to get sucked into Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Chanel a lot when I was in college. I’d buy one $30 lipgloss, and well, I’d literally break it open to get that LAST LITTLE BIT out because, darn it, I spent $30 on it! And then I started paying my own rent…and things got real. I remembered my mom ordering Avon products all the time when I was younger….I loved their bubble bath, and my parents’ two dogs, Bella and Deuce, get sprayed regularly with a mix of water and Skin So Soft (keeps skeeters away and keeps the dogs from smelling like, well, dogs). I thought “hey, why not try THEIR makeup and other products?”

Needless to say, I use a lot of Avon products….I even became a rep because friends and family were ordering from online, and I wanted them to get great service and a discount. 😉  I also encourage you to check out Mary Kay. Both companies really have wonderful products; where one is lacking, I feel that the other makes up for that.

If you’re looking for great quality products, try www.avon.com or www.marykay.com 

Avon also offers some great gifts for Christmas, so if you hate the malls like I do, ordering through a rep might be the solution!


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